Notez, The Simple Dark Theme Note Taking App


Notez, The Simple Note Taking App. 
It provides a simple interface to take notes quickly on your iPhone, iPod and iPad. It comes features like an awesome night/dark theme mode! 

+ Light and Night/Dark Themes 
+ Different Font Sizes and Faces 
+ Attach Note to emails! 
+ Open Note in any of your favorite Apps 
+ Show Note Preview 
+ Display Modified Date

Version 1.9: New Shortcuts toolbar!

Notez1 Notez2Notez 5

Notez 4 Notez 3

If you have any comments/suggestions please let us know by filling the comments form below. Thanks :)

29 thoughts on “Notez, The Simple Dark Theme Note Taking App”

  1. Andrew Splitter

    I love this app. I would love to have some form of “syncing” between devices. Dropbox or iCloud would be great.
    ….Andrew Splitter

    1. Thanks a lot Andrew! I’m working on integrating iCloud, and possibly dropbox in the future! Thanks a lot for your feedback and I really appreciate it.

    1. Ignore. Poor phone user moment. I didn’t think of the swipe option as the regular Apple notes app has a delete button. Cool app! :)

  2. I really like your work. Any plans for iCloud support? Another idea that would be great is export to PDF or Pages. Just ideas. Thank you.

  3. Hello

    I started looking over Notez today and have determined that it could possibly fit my needs of repetitive email(s) at work. Following are a few “improvements” that I would like you to consider

    . allow subject/title to use upper and lower case characters

    . add text messaging with iMessage similar to what you have done with email (Send Note as an Email)

    . use iCloud and/or Dropbox to Backup data and Restore from. Preferably both… for those who do not want to use iCloud

    . preference to choose manual sort or automatic as it is now

    Thank you, in advance for considering my suggestions… Jim

    1. Thanks a lot Jim! I appreciate your suggestions a lot.
      I’m working on a next version that should include icloud/dropbox support. and thank you for the imessage idea! I would add that as well! Have a great day!

  4. upon updating Notez to v1.8 I noticed the work that you put into this upgrade; however… Notez is now most near useless to me for my usage of it. The most troublesome problems are…

    . after sending a note by email… the following note to be sent by email contains a blank Subject whereas in the previous version the Subject of the note I chose to send appeared in the email that I was preparing to send via email from Notez. The only way that I can send additional note(s) is to manually remove Notez from active apps and relaunch it. This takes too much time especially when I need to send prepared updated status reports for my work.

    . in v1.8… and different from previous version is that now Subject is appended with filetype (ie: .txt) to the note Subject of the email being prepared to send. For my updated status reports most of my reports are Subject only without any test in the body of the note. IMHO… I see no need for this. Should there be a need… I suggest a preference setting to allow the User to determine whether to append filetype or not.

    I’m curious as to why I cannot find Notez.ipa in my Mobile Applications folder. I use Notez on both my iPhone and iPad of which it appears in the lis of apps that I have Purchased. I looked for the prefvious version so I could rescue it and reinstall it until some resolution is obtained or…

    Is it possible to obtain the previous version from you?

    I really like Notez and would like to continue using it. Please contact me offline regarding more detail of above. Thanks much… Jim

    1. Hi Jim. Thanks a lot for your feedback.
      I’ve tried to reprouced what you talked about regarding the email subject but i couldnt. I still see the email subject when i try to send a note via email. What version of iOS do you have and what phone?

      I’m going to keep testing and will try to include the feature you mentioned in the next release.

      Thanks again and sorry for any trouble.

    2. Jim, I just pushed a new version with a fix to the issue you currently have. Please wait couple days and you should see it in the store. I also added couple more features. Let me know if you have any other issues.

      1. Thank you for fixing the problems sending a Notez note via My initial take on v1.9 is that all is well with this version on my iPhone; however…

        my iPad mini CRASHES EVERY TIME when I push to icon in the upper right corner to bring up the available apps for sending the note to another person. Doing the same procedure does not crash Notez on my iPhone.

        A pleasant surprise is that sending a quick note with iMessages now works as I would expect. Thank you so much!

        1. Jim. I’m aware of the issue. Its an iOS bug. I’m working on a quick fix. Stay tuned. Thanks for your feedback :)

      2. Hi Kais… the problem was not seeing or not seeing the Notez note subject when sending by email… the problem was the added “.txt” (no quotes in Subject).

        No longer a problem in v1.9 as it appears that you have rest loved issue. Also noticed that hat Notez note is no longer an attachment when sending with iMessages. Thanks much!

        1. Thanks Jim.
          If you have any new ideas for new features please let me know. I’m always trying to enhance the app as much as i can but keep it simple at the same time.

          And please. If you have not done so already please review/rate the app on the app store. Thank you

          1. for my usage… Notez v1.9 is fine.

            At this point… folder capability where user can create Folders to better organize the notes that the user want to keep.

            Also… I would have more text in body of my messages if there were a pleasant serif font rather that the monospaced font that Notez has now. Possibly a small selection that user could choose from.

            Thanks for considering…

          2. Hi Kais… you must be using different fonts on the iPhone and iPad mini cause when I was looking at Notez on my iPhone… the font in the body of Notez on the iPhone was acceptable. I went back to check Notez on my iPad mini and it was as I described in my earlier message.

            The suggestion that I made earlier is for appearance purposes only within Notez as even as how the font now exists… it converts to whatever the user has set up for Mail and iMessages.

            Another couple if suggestions… would it be possible for the user to default an email address when sending a note via email? I have a number of email addresses that I can potentially use but 95% of the time the same one is used.

            I notice a couple of things with Dropbox also. First, I notice that when a note is saved to Dropbox, the Save routine uses a default date/time.txt filename instead of using the filename that the file has been given within Notez. Is it possible to have the note saved in Dropbox with the filename that the user has given the note?

            What about retrieving a file FROM Dropbox that would have been created with Notez on another device or a .txt file created elsewhere and stored in Dropbox?

            One last item… have you thought about syncing Notez notes on (all) devices a user has Notez running on?

            Thanks… Jim

  5. I just got your app notez, I love the program except one thing, there is no way to delete something that has been written. I don’t see any to delete. Is there a way ? If not I can’t use this app. Thank you, it’s a beautiful app if you could only delete a file.

    1. Hi Lee. Thanks for your message.
      To delete a note simply swipe your finger from right to left. You will see the delete button.
      Just like what you do in the mail app. Or messages.

  6. Hi Kais,
    thanks for your great app. It’s all what is needed for simply adding some notes.
    But when I want to add a note or edit one I always receive the error message »No Mail Accounts
    Please set up a Mail account in order to send mail.«
    This is a bit annoying. I think it is because I don’t use the Mail app from Apple (and I don’t want to add a second Mail app because I have a good one already in use).
    Do you think it is possible to set a flag to not be reminded?
    Kind regards manuel

    1. Hi Manuel,
      Thanks a lot for using Notez. I will check that and try it fix it for 2.0 release.
      Thanks again!

  7. Hi, quick message to say the back arrow to leave editing a note and settings doesn’t show up with the night theme, also if you blank out a note title it repeats the warning message 3 times, otherwise great, nice simple app!

  8. I have a suggestion, I love the dark setting it’s is great if your in a car at night or a movie etc.
    It would be great if you develop your dark display keyboard for texting for iOS and android.
    When doing night driving it’s distracting to have the screen bright in your face.

  9. reloadXdrummer

    VERY NICE App. Im using this app for my song lyrics almost a year. It would be great if you add fonts specially papyrus.. can’t wait.. lol ??

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