Disassembling your iPhone by Liam

Such a great and detailed video by Apple showing how Liam, Apple’s robot, disassembling an old iPhone and taking it apart.

“True innovation means considering what happens to a product at every stage of its life cycle. Liam disassembles your iPhone when it’s no longer functioning, so the materials inside can live on.” – Apple

iOS Debate: Storyboards vs NIBs vs Code

At some point of your life as an iOS developer, you had to argue about what is the best approach to build iOS apps. Everyone out there thinks that their way is the best. In this video, the guys from raywenderlich are debating what is the best way to build iOS apps; Storyboards vs NIBs vs Code. I usually go with Storyboards, they are easy to use, intuitive, and making changes couldn’t be easier. …

One Reason Computer Screens Aren’t Green-On-Black Anymore

That is an interesting article on why Computer Screens are not green-on-black anymore. Although, many developers like to have their terminal/IDE screen look like that, myself included, there are other people who finds it uncomfortable, and the reason for that is astigmatism! Apparently, people with astigmatism have a hard time reading white text on a …

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