Thanks for downloading and using EXIF Studio for iOS. Here is what you can find on this support page:

Version 2.0

Welcome to the all new EXIF Studio 2.0. This new release offers:

  • New design and easier interface.
  • New PRO features, such as removing metadata, export without metadata or location data, and much more.
  • Support for Light/Dark mode.
  • iPad Support.

Photo’s Permission

When the app launches for the first time, please ensure to grant the proper permissions. In this case, you will need to tap “Allow Access to All Photos” as seen highlighted in the screenshot below. If the right permission is not granted, certain features and metadata might not work correctly.

If you didn’t give the app permissions the first time, don’t worry, you can go to the Settings and change the permissions later. You can follow this guide to learn how to: https://kais.me/exif-studio-ios-14-settings/

If you are worried about the privacy of your photos, please read the “Your Privacy” section below.

PRO Features


  • Share Metadata and Photo: This option will allow you to share the original photo along with its metadata as text.
  • Share Photo without Metadata: This option will allow you to share the original photo without any metadata attached to it. This can be very useful for safe sharing.
  • Export Photo without Location: This option will export a copy of the original photo but without any location data attached to it. The other metadata will remain intact.
  • Export Photo without Metadata: This option will export a copy of the original photo without any metadata at all.


  • Delete All Metadata: This option will delete all the metadata associated with the original photo. This option will remove all metadata, including location data and overwrite the original image.
  • Revert Photo to Original: This option will revert the photo back to its original state, even if it was edited by a different app or software. If you deleted all the metadata of the photo, you can revert it back using this option.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is very important. Therefore rest assured, EXIF Studio doesn’t copy or transfer your photos outside your device even with granting the app access to all photos, Allow Access to All Photos. The only reason this permission is required is for the app to be able to read some photo metadata, such as photo file size, make changes to the photo, such as “Remove All Metadata” or “Revert Photo to Original“. You can still use some features of the app without granting “Allow Access to All Photos” but keep in mind the limitations you will have to deal with.

In addition to that, EXIF Studio doesn’t collect or use any personal information or identifiers related to you, including, but not limited to, your geo-location, or photos.


If you’d like to report a bug, request a new feature, or have a thought please fill out the contact form located on this page here: https://kais.me/apps/

If you’re having issues with in-app purchases, including requesting a refund, please contact Apple AppStore support here: https://getsupport.apple.com/?locale=en_US&PFC=PFC6003&PGF=PGF63003

Thank you!

Thank you for using EXIF Studio, your support is appreciated.

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