Month: February 2019

What is Brand Awareness?

What is Brand Awareness, and why it is important? Brand awareness is the degree of customer awareness of a certain brand and its related products or services. Others refer to brand awareness as the ability of customers to recognize or recall a brand. Creating a brand awareness is one of the most important steps in …

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Amazon Alexa vs. Echo

Two names for one thing, thats how many people understand the difference between Amazon’s Alexa and Echo. In this brief article I will explain the difference between the two. According to Amazon’s Echo website,, Echo is a hands-free smart speaker that enables the users to control it with their voice. While Amazon Alexa is a …

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What is an “Ad Serving” service?

Ad Serving is an online service provided by a third-party digital marketing company that matches advertisers to publishers. The goal of this service is to serve ads from publishers, who wants and pay money to advertise, on websites that are looking to generate revenue from ads placements.  The goal of this service is to match …

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