With the release of iOS11, Apple released the Xcode 9 to the public. Here are some of the new features that they’ve added.

1- New Simulator

Apple added a new simulator to Xcode 9, including a home button for iPhone 8 and below, and well as the ability to touch and use the physical buttons on the device such as volume up/down and power button. One thing to note too that now you can run more than one simulator at once! Finally!

2- Source Control Navigator

The new tab/section allows you to view the commits and source control history of your project. Its an easy way to see what is going on instead of having to go to a different app/website to check that.

3- Storyboard Changes

You can notice in the Xcode 9 that the storyboard has a new “Safe Area” view, which it appears to be added to accommodate the new design for iPhone X (top notch) and the status bar.

4- In Code Changes

Error and Warnings look different now in Xcode 9, they are bigger and more clear. But probably the main feature that developers will love about this is the ability to select the error message and copy it! Yes, now you can copy/paste that error message into StackOverflow!

Also, now you can edit variable names in scope. Yes, you can do global renaming now!

5- Wireless debugging

Yes, now you don’t have to hook up your iPhone in order to debug your app. Xcode 9 offers wireless debugging over the network.


Check out Apple Developer website for more in-depth details on what else is new with Xcode 9.

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