What is Brand Awareness, and why it is important?

Brand awareness is the degree of customer awareness of a certain brand and its related products or services. Others refer to brand awareness as the ability of customers to recognize or recall a brand. Creating a brand awareness is one of the most important steps in promoting a new company or a new product, and maintaining that awareness throughout the life of the company is a crucial part to the success of the company overtime.

Brand awareness goal is not to generate sales, or even leads, but rather make people, or potential customers, aware of the brands’ existence or brand’s products or services, so they can recognize it in the future if they see it somewhere else, or if they had a need for it.

Brand Awareness and Social Media

Social media has a lot of benefits when it comes to creating a successful marketing campaign. One of the most important benefits of social media marketing is the ability for users to interact with the content placed on these websites. When leveraging social media, marketers are looking at customers who interact with their products and services, share their experiences, provide live and direct feedback, as well as a possible free-of-charge word of mouth advertising.

When it comes to creating ads and targeting the right future customer, social media can be a huge asset for marketers due to the large numbers of users available and the amount of detailed data stored about each of them on these websites. Marketing campaigns can be created to target users on social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and SnapChat based on different factors, such as their location, demographics, interests, Job title, education, and many more.

Most of these social media websites can be used for general advertising and marketing campaigns, most of which are designed towards a B2C rather than a B2B model, therefore the decision of choosing one social media platform as a starting point to create a B2B brand awareness advertising campaign can be tough, but not impossible. A good start for a B2B campaign would be either via Facebook, or LinkedIn based on the target market, coverage, duration, and budget.


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