Generating Publicity

Generating publicity is a marketing strategy that uses different forms of communication to gain attention and generate awareness, from unpaid media sources, towards a company’s products or services without having to buying space in a newspaper, ads online, or airtime on TV. One of the most common communication forms used to generate publicity is a …

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What is Brand Awareness?

What is Brand Awareness, and why it is important? Brand awareness is the degree of customer awareness of a certain brand and its related products or services. Others refer to brand awareness as the ability of customers to recognize or recall a brand. Creating a brand awareness is one of the most important steps in …

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Amazon Alexa vs. Echo

Two names for one thing, thats how many people understand the difference between Amazon’s Alexa and Echo. In this brief article I will explain the difference between the two. According to Amazon’s Echo website,, Echo is a hands-free smart speaker that enables the users to control it with their voice. While Amazon Alexa is a …

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