Postman – REST Client for your Chrome

Postman is an amazing plugin for Google Chrome, it alows developers to create requests quickly and work easily with REST APIs directly from Chrome without the need to create test or sample apps. It provide all the needed REST actions such as POST/GET/PUT/DELETE … etc  As well as Formatted API responses for JSON and XML 

Useful Chrome shortcuts for Mac

Here is a list of the most common keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome on Mac! Its really useful. ⌘+N Opens a new window. ⌘+T Opens a new tab. ⌘+Shift-N Opens a new window in incognito mode. ⌘+click a link Opens the link in a new tab in the background

JSONView, a must have plugin for developers

If you are a developer dealing with JSON all the time, you would love JSONView plugin for Google Chrome. JSONView will beautify JSON objects viewed on the browser, so you don’t have to dig into 100+ lines of code trying to figure out how the JSON is structured.

iOS: What does the NS prefix mean?

NS stands for NextStep, Which is the company created by Steve Jobs after he was fired from Apple in 1985. After Jobs came back to Apple, he brought the technology he created at NextStep with him which became later a naming convention for all the classes in Objective-C. For example, NSString, NSURL, and NSArray.