On September 15th, 2020, Apple introduce the new Apple Watch Series 6 as well as couple new iPads including the all newly-design iPad Air. In addition to that, they introduce their new bundle of software called Apple One, which is a subscription that will bundle iCloud, Apple Music, TV+, News+, Arcade, as well as the newly announced Fitness+.

This bundle will be coming out this fall, and will give Apple users that ability to pay one subscription price for all these services they provide. The subscription comes in 3 tiers:

  • Individual for $14.95/month: Which includes, Apple Music, TV+, Arcade, and a 50GB of iCloud storage. As the name indicates, this plan is for individuals only and cannot be shared with your family via the Apple Family Share plan. But it makes sense for individuals who have subscribed to all of the services offered as they will save about $6/month if they were to subscribe to each plan separately.
  • Family for $19.95/month: Which also includes, Apple Music, TV+, Arcade, but this tier comes with a 200GB of iCloud storage. You can share this plan with your family, if you think 200GB of data is enough for everyone, but you will also enjoy the other services that comes with it. This tier will save individuals about $9/month if they were to subscribe to each plan separately.
  • Premier for $29.95/month: Which will include all the above, plus 2TB of iCloud storage, and subscription to News+ and Fitness+. This bundle has it all, the max iCloud storage offered by Apple, in addition to two other subscriptions compared to the other two tires below it. This tier will save individuals about $25/month if they were to subscribe to each plan separately.

Apple One will give users a free month trial for all the services they are currently not subscribe to or have free trials for. For example, I’m currently still running the free 1-year trial of Apple TV+ which is set to expire on November 1st. If Apple One were to come out before that then I will have to pay for a month of Apple TV+ and it will not be free with the Apple One trial.

For me personally, I have the 2TB iCloud storage, so if I want to subscribe for Apple One I would have to go with the Premier plan. That being said, on the FAQ section on the Apple One’s webpage, it says that people can purchase additional iCloud storage separately in addition to what they get with their Apple One subscription.

Here is the math of how this would work for me if I were to sign up for the Premier tier:

Individual Subscription CostApple One Premier Cost
Apple TV+$4.99Included
2TB iCloud$9.99Included

While I will be paying almost double what I’m currently paying, I will be getting Apple Music, Arcade, News+ and Fitness+. If we just look at Apple Music, that alone is $9.99 for individual or $14.99 for a family. I’m currently using Spotify, and if I were to subscribe I will be canceling my Spotify subscription for sure. Also, I will be sharing this plan with my family too so they will not be paying for their own Spotify/Music or iCloud storage.

So to answer the article question, is Apple One worth it? I would say that the answer is a maybe. I think it all depends on what you’re currently subscribed to, whether or not you share your subscriptions with your family or not, and how much iCloud storage you current have or will need in the future. What you can also look into once Apple One goes live is if you can subscribe to an Individual or Family tier and pay extra for the iCloud storage you will need.

I will make sure to update this post with more details on that once Apple One goes live later this year, but meanwhile, I hope this post gave you a better understanding of how this new subscription bundle will work, and how much you will be paying if you were to subscribe.

For more info on Apple One, you can visit Apple website: https://www.apple.com/apple-one/

As always, if you have any comments or questions please feel free to post them below.

Thanks! -Kais

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